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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Dady brought home ANOTHER baby last Wednesday night ... he found her at the bottom of our drive way trying to climb a tree ... she was unable to climb and so she curled in a ball at the bottom of the tree ... dadys truck scairt her ... he started talking to her and she began to cry but never came out of her ball until he got her in the truck - of course he brought her home and put her in with the other kittens

we have no picture to post of her yet .... sorries maybe tomorrow

she went to the vet last evening - some one has cut several of her whiskers off, she weighs just barely 3 pounds so shes 10-12 weeks old - she got a shot and a worm pill and all the kittens got revolution last night - something we have not tried before ....


  1. Poor baby. We're glad she's safe now with you!

  2. Your Daddy is a super nice man! We hope that baby makes it!

  3. So glad your Dad found the baby girl.
    xoxo Kassey

  4. Ah, your dad is sweet. Hope the kittens are all healthy.

  5. Daddy is a good man! We are glad that the kitty is safe with you. How mean people can be to cut her whiskers!