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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Woofie update

Rocky's first night in his new home was fun filled. Took the people 45 minutes to get him up the stairs then took Rocky an hour and a half to figure out that he could in fact walk across hard wood floors .. after than another hour to get him down the stairs ... apparetly he was comfortable enough that he went back up and across the floor to sleep in the bed room with his new family. Rebel sleeps on the floor at the end of the bed and Rocky slept on the floor at the side of the bed. So far he has only had one "P"accidnet in the house.

During the day they have a 3 car garage that is connected to the house so it is temperature controlled.  Rocky was hesitant at first then he saw his friend run out and jump on the doggie fouton and thought that would be fun. He is still very interested in going outside but once his business is finished and he trollips around the yard he is ready to go back in.

Last night he was laying on his very own doggie bed with a toy watching tv ... Both of the doggies are going to get snipped together on Thursday :) Happy Times!

other than that - we still have kittens that need homes. They were spayed/neutered last Thursday and are doing great!

We are thinking about and purring hard for our friend Ginger Jasper he is feeling poorly and needs some extra love sent his way.


  1. THat is wonderful news about Rocky! we are glad he has a happy home!

  2. Rocky will be a good addition to his new home. So glad he is in his forever home.

  3. We are so glad that Rocky has a good home. It's sad to see a dog chained all the time.