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Monday, December 12, 2011


A while back we wrote about a neighbor woofie named Rocky. He is a boxer that has been out on a chain for a long time and momy has been trying to get him. Last week the owner told momy that if she "wanted that dog he was over there .... " obviously momy was upset but quickly went to work on finding Rocky a happy home ...

Welll ... a guy at the fire station said if Rocky and his dog Rebel got along then they would take him. Rebel is a rot/huskie mix. Black and tan like a rot but has the fur and size of a huskie … so Rocky went on a field trip yesterday at 2 – he did so good on the leash and sat in the back of the jeep and looked out the back glass the whole way … he was very curious and very good. Rocky will sit and lay down, we think he will do more but he was so excited play that we didnt test him. We stayed about 2 hours to see how the dogs would get along there were lots of sniffs and tail wags but no barking or growling. There was walking and jumping a lots of peeeeeing in the yard. I was really worried about how he would respond to being in the house but amazingly he did great!  He can not climb steps and whined about everyone going upstairs but Rebel went back down and kept him company.
By the time we left (2 hours later) Rocky was stretched out in the kitchen floor and Rebel was licking him. Rockys ears have been frost bitten and he has a spot on his lip and few other spots but I think most of that will heal with time and love. There was a call about 7 and the guy told Shon that Rocky discovered the food bowl and ate it all (large dog dish that was ¾ full when we were there) and when the fire pager went off both dogs were laying in the floor side by side snoring.

Hoping to have a picture of Rocky and his new brother soon :)


  1. We assume that it went so well that Rocky will not have to worry about looking for a new home! THis is a wonderful Christmas present to all involved!

  2. Ah, your mom is a sweetie. And so is the guy who took poor Rocky. Now he can have a life!

  3. Thanks so furry furry furry much!!!

    It sounds like a furiendship that was meant to be!!!


  4. That is very good news that Rocky has got a Forever Home thanks to your mum and the fire fighter.