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Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Toys

We have been wanting to share some of our Christmas toys but since Scooter has been sickly that is all we have had time for. SO here we are playing with some of our toys and some cat nip.

Bean and Moosie

WaterMelon with a mousie

Moosie and Tiny

BooBoo with a mousie and paper

Tiny not sure of what to play with first

Tiny getting him a mousie

Scotch with some nip

Lucky with some nip

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scooter Rooo

Lets check in on the patient .....

Humm ... looks like he found a good place to hide and nap for a while.

He has been eating wet food pretty good. He does not like beef or liver flavors but does like Salmon and hes eating about a can a day and just a few crunchies. He is eating his nightly temptations :) And has been taking his medicine very well!

At bed time and early mornings he is pawing at the door and crying to get out. He still has a few days of meds to take. Im not sure I can get him to take them if I let him out. On the other hand he is miserable being in there as he really likes to cuddle with Bean and play with Tiny.

He is feeling better and is very talkative. He still has not pooped but according to the vet its ok ... Vet says that his stomach was completly empty (he was vommiting clear stomach fluid) and since he is mainly drinking water and eating wet food with extra water in it that he dosnt have enough in there to form solids. This makes complete sense but still ... man ... Scooter is jumping and streching and moving around alot and if he was in pain he would not do that. All good things :)

Happy Thursday Friends

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Scooter update

He is being very friendly - not sure if its because hes in a secluted room or he dosnt feel good or what but hes asking for pets and purring BIG! He will not eat dry food but is eating about 2 teaspoons at a time of wet foods. He really likes the gravey on the wet so Im going to run over to the store today to get him a different kind because all I currently have is the slices.

Giving him his pill has been extremely easy .... no sitting on him or needing extra hands he just sits there and I open his mouth and stick it in ... he did spit this mornings out once but that was all.

Still no poop .... then again hes not eating that much and his tummy would have been completly empty so ... he is drinking and P'ing so ... I take that as a good sign. Vets office did give him fluids yesterday and a shot of his antibotic.

He is very alert and moves around and this morning when I left the house he was looking out the window at the birds. Hopefully in the next few days he will be all better and can venture out from his "prison"

Monday, January 3, 2011

Update #3

Scooter is home and in his room ... he has 2 medications. 1 that he takes 1/4 tablet 2 times a day - its an antibotic and the other is in the event he has more throwing up and its to help stop that.

He P'ed on his way home and so far he has hissed at us and has eaten 1/4 can of stinky goodness. So far so good.

Scooter update #2

Just got of the phone with the Vet ... Scooter is coming home. They dont think he is blocked and his blood work came back fine. They think he just has a kitty virus or something and are going to treat the symptoms at this point. The tummy meds they are giving should help with a poop ... we will hope .. and should make him feel better.

We thanks you much for the purrs and the thoughts and hopefully he will get home in is room and start feeling better in a day or two. Ive never been so excited for a cat to poop :)

Scooter update #1

First off ... I have no idea where that crazy cat got a dryer sheet ... I havent used dryer sheets in a long time as they make me itch so ... he would have had to have been checking things out behined the washer and dryer to locate one ...

Just talked to the Vet.... x-ray shows no foreign matter but shes not so sure a dryer sheet would show up anyway ... she asked for the time line and wanted a stool sample - I told her to talk to him about that. So shes going to do bloodwork and go from there. Hopefully another update soon .... :)

Oh Scooter ....

Scootie here - I dont like to be looked at much less touched ... however I am sickly - let me tell you a story.

On December 23rd I found a wonderful toy oh it was so much fun! I was licking it and holding it and chewing it when Momy yelled ... no no - you cant have that! ... and came toward me. Dady shut all the doors so I couldnet hide and they scairt me BAD ... so bad that I Peed all over the floor and walls and even a mirror that was hanging on the wall and all over Dady - however he never actually touched me ... Momy took away my toy ... however I had eaten half of it ... "it" as you may be wondering was a dryer sheet.

My typical day includes lots of hiding and sleeping and staying away from everyone and everything. Sometimes at night when its quiet and dark I will lay on Momy and she will pet me. But this hadnt been happening cause they scairt me and I wasnt interested.

Now fast foward to December 30th ... Momy came home to lots of "puddles" on the floor. Clear liqiuds and qucikly she realized it was stomach fluids and not P. She kept a strong eye on everyone trying to see who it was but no one did it while she was home or all night.

Friday December 31 - Again with the multiple puddles. Momy knew someone was very sickly. Late late that night, early the next morning at midnight thirty when they got home from the new years at the station she saw lil ol me in the closet ... and it clicked that I was sickie. Fearing I would run she left me there til morning.

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Momy picked me up right outta the closet .. I didnt run or even try or wiggle or anything ... she called the vet ... closed ... called the ER Vet ... then decided to wait. She sat with me in the floor for hours and then moved me to another warmer room.

Sunday - I licked some stinky goodness gravey from her fingers ... drank lots of water which made her happy and licked on some tuna juice.

So now currently I am at the vets office.... they have checked me over and done an x-ray - x-ray is being developed and as soon as they look at it they will call momy ...