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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last Thursday Mama Cat started meowing at us with her head turned and flicking her tongue and acting all funny like she was coughing and stuff. So we watched her and she was eating and what not .. well Sunday night she and Shon were chililn in the recliner and he gave her a piece of cheese well she cried out and jumped up and was using her paw to try to get it out … made her an appointment to get it checked out and she went yesterday … WELLLLLL when DeRolf (the Vet) got in there she had multiple large cavities and some extensive gum recession … he removed 2 lower left molars, 3 lower right molars and 4 upper right molars …. 9 teeth total … poor kitty … last night she as ok. Right side of her face is a little puffy and her eye is winkie and watery but other than that ... Fully awake and moving about but not wanting to be touched - I finally had to just grab her so that she could go in the bathroom to eat her wet foods. Took her about an hour to eat 1 can. Mostly licking and not much gobbling but she ate. Would NOT let me get near her with the antibotic ... this AM still no antibotic so Im going to try mixing it in with her wet foods tonight - if that doesnt work then back to the vet she will go for an antibotic shot :)

These are pictures of Mama from last summer ...


  1. Poor Mama cat! We are so sorry you have a hurtie mouth! But now that those bad teeth are gone, you should feel better!

  2. We are all sending purrs to you sweet Mama Cat and we hope you heal quickly!

  3. Aww, poor girl! Derry had 9 teeth removed back in June 2010 (and he wasn't even quite 3 at the time), including all back chewing teeth except one upper one. Hasn't stopped him from "eating" the little bit of kibble both boys get every day, and he manages the wet just fine. Once Mama Cat's mouth heals she'll feel so much better! Purrs from the boys for a speedy recovery.

    BTW, Derry's dental cost $1255 and change, for which the CB generously had an auction (as well as donations). I certainly hope your vet costs were far less than mine!

  4. Poor little girl I hope she is feeling better soon.
    Teeth being pulled is never fun!

  5. Poor sweety! We hope she is feeling lots better and her mouth heals soon Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Poor girl. It must be very painful. She will feel much better when her mouth heals.