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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We gots an AWARD!!!!

Obviously we were not paying attention .... however our friends over at boo-bahs little sunshines gave us an award the first of the year and we would like to THANK Marshmallow, Pearlene, Ruby, Peanut and of course Boo-Bah for the award ... we got teh
this award is meant to bring attention to blogs with under 100 followers

Thank you Friends for thinking of us ... we would LOVE to have 100 followers .. but for that to happen mama is gonna have to get her tail twitchin and blog more


  1. Oh, we can't wait to see your mom's tail twitchin.

    Congratulations on your award.

  2. Hooray !!!! Concats for your Award !!
    Do I ever say " You are one of my love ; ) ?
    Happy Hugs

  3. Congratulations on your award. Hugs and nose kisses