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Monday, April 9, 2012

the new Mama Cat and her Babies

Not the best picture I have taken but ... you can see her and a few babies .. Im not wanting to upset her too much considering what all she has been through. However she is using the box, eating good and obviously taking great care of the babies. Ill give her a little more time to get use to things before I mess with them too much. She has been letting me touch her and the babies without getting upset and I dont want to press my luck ... yet

These 2 are from about 2 minutes 9:40pm ... she has let me change the towel pet her pickup all the babies change her box and water and food and take pictures ... Im done harissing her for the evening ..


  1. What a handsome family! They all look well fed and sleek. Mom cat is doing a great job.

  2. They are beautiful! SHe is a good mom!

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  4. She does have that look in her eyes though.
    I think you will win her over .. slowly.

    Again, so very kind of you to take them in.

    (I'm on the old keyboard, so I had to redo what I said.)