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Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh friends do I have a story for you ... settle in ...

I had my Saturday all planned ... get up, shower, load the truck with trash go to the dump, head to town to the mall to pick up an easter bunny gift come home and mow for the rest of the day ... Well obviously that didnt happen ... Shon called at 8:30 I was puttering around feeding the cats and cleaning a little. He had left at 5:30 to do a live burn at a burn building about an hour away. He is an instructor for fire academy. He called to tell me that while doing the walk-thru of the building a cat jumped from the second floor then they heard crying and found 4 babies in the corner behined a barrel on some hay. They wraped them in a blanket and but them in the front seat of a fire truck.
Quickly I showered got my gear together (food, towels, cage, trap etc.) and was on my way. I was there by 10:30 - I treked the mountain side looking for kitty .. no one had seen her. Babies were in a pile in the warm truck. I headed off to find KMR for them as they would be hungry soon. Got back .. fed them ... and started making worse case plans .. it had been 4 hours since anyone had seen the mama ... I was thinking of where to place the babies so she could find them, hoping she would not take them back into the building that was curently 1800 degrees and would be hot hot hot until Monday night ... then one of the 40 fire fighters there said ... I just saw the mom .. shes over there ... quickly I got the trap and bated it with a kitten ... and mama was caught in about 10 minutes...
I transferred her to a cage and put the babies in a box where she could hear them, fed her a can of food adn let her be for a bit before taking off ... on the way she ate her food and had a little time to calm. I gave her, her babies back and left them alone to calm. Late Saturday night I moved her into a large dog crate where she could have room for a litter box, food, water and baby area.

Mama is black and white ... there are 4 babies all seem happy and Im thinking they are only days old. No open eyes and imbellical cords still attached. I will take some pictures and post them soon. Mama will let me bet her but shes stiff and wide eyed when I do it. She is young but a good mama cat. Shes eating well and using her box but shes not too friendly. However she and her babies are safe, fed and warm.


  1. Oh my ... you are an angel to have saved them.

  2. Thanks heavens for YOU and SHON. Others might have not worried about a momma and her kittens and gone ahead and set the fire! Debbie

  3. Thankfully firefighters were there and saved/rescued the kittens .. all of these men were like expectant fathers pacing around while I was trying to catch the mama .. was very fun for me to watch them and see that they were very concerned for their safety .

  4. ooooooo we want pictures : ) There is nothing sweeter then cuter then kittens. They are lucky they have you : )

  5. That was one great save and I am so glad you were there!

  6. how wonderful. I am so glad he heard those babies crying and rescue them. You were very lucky to catch mama and have her except her babies back. Good luck with all of the babies and mama in finding them a home.

  7. Oh thank goodness for the chain of events that saved this mum and her babies. I am so happy that they are safe. I hope they find forever homes.. Hugs GJ xx