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Monday, September 17, 2012


the babies are doing better. They are eating and taking their medicine well. They still have loose stools but its getting better. The orange one purrs as soon as you touch her. The yellow one is more active but will purr after you rub him a while.
They eat about every 2.5 hours – works well since my heating pad auto turns off about the same time – they are eating about 2oz each time and Im now mixing their food so they are getting wet cat food of chicken mixed with the milk replacer. They have 2 meds they take twice a day, one until Wednesday and the other till Friday. Aside from being tired from all the getting up and coming in to feed them things are well. they are warm, safe and well fed.


  1. They are blessed kitties with a loving caregiver as you are.
    During the night, Kassey is fed about 2 times, her wet food.