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Friday, September 14, 2012

Foster Babies

**UPDATE** - Just talked to the vet – the babies are doing good and are playing right now. She thinks the Orange one is a Girl and the Yellow a Boy – they were a little dehydrated so they got some fluids and shes wormed them and has them on some tummy meds but they are ok. They are both eating and eating well, warm and playing. Shes thinking they are a little closer to 3 weeks old than 4.

I picked up the babies about 630 last night. They are quite small and were cold. I turned the heat on in the car for the ride home. I mixed up the babies some KMR when I got home and they both ate about 1.5oz at 730 again at 1030, at 2, at 5 and at 730 this morning. I fixed them up a bed with a heating pad to keep them warm. They seem to have slept good too. They are using the box having some diarrhea but not horrible. Their little butts are very sore tho. Dropped them off at the vets office this morning to hang out and get checked out, monitored and fed every 3 hours or so. They will lap milk from a small dish and I just happen to have some small ones that hold about 2 oz so it works perfect. I will pick them up after work this evening.  

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