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Friday, April 12, 2013

A new Baby

I have a friend that is getting a new baby ... in fact her husband went this morning to pick him up ...

Please meet GRIZZ

He is 7 Months old and already weighs 80 pounds
He is a Newfoundland

This is him this morning in the truck coming home with his new dad

He will have 2 doggie brothers and 1 doggie sister

Congratulations friends on your new baby
and we are happy for Grizz to have a good new home


  1. I volunteer for a no kill rescue. We LOVE when our big dogs get forever homes.

    He's a beautiful Newfoundland. Have a happy life, Grizz!

  2. What a gorgeous new addition to the family

  3. Hello Grizz, you are a lovely woolly bear dog, we hope you love your new home!

  4. GRIZZ is enjoying his new life at his new farm...took him all of an hour to find the creek behind the house. He goes at least 3 times a day. When the river is at an acceptable level we'll take he and his "packmates" swimming. Never a dull moment on the farm!

    Grizz's MOM