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Thursday, April 4, 2013

More from Stripey and updates

My Birthday is Sunday ... Im going to be 1

MAMA UpDate - Mama is doing well - she is taking her medicine good and eating well. Now that the weather is getting nice she is wanting to go out side more. She dosnt stay long but at least shes wanting to go out. Currently her favorite napping spot is on the kitchen table.

SMOKEY UpDate - Smokey had to go back to the vet last week for the itchies, he was put on prednisone 2 weeks ago and was still itching and smelled bad. They thought his mouth might have some infection where the tooth was pulled so he got an antibotic shot and liquid meds to take and he is still on prednisone. He is doing MUCH better!!! He has been playing which is awesome and refuses to go outside - which is fine. He can be an indoor kitty.


  1. When Kirby gets antibiotics, he gets itchy and sneezes. We think he is allergic to them!

  2. We're glad Mama and Smokey are doing better!!

    The Florida Furkids