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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lots on Saturday

Lots has been going on this week so we are posting Lots on Saturday so we can have an easy Sunday
Lets get started with Lil Ms. Shadow
She is still quite shy but will come with you talk to her and prefers for now for the person petting to be sitting in the floor
She is starting to be ok with me walking around

Last night I sat in the hallway and let her venture out of her safe room - she didn't go far and not for long - she has met most of the other kitties in the hosue

Shadow (above) is very pretty
Princess (below) is the barn cat. She is Face (RIP) and Eye's sister and not friendly
I caught her the other night when she came to the house and shes been in the dog crate

Looks to me like she thinks she at the Hilton
She has been crying some but not trying to get out
Here in just a little bit she will be going to the vet to get her shots - her appointment is at 8 this morning after that I am going to try to keep her in the house for as much of the winter as she will allow

Princess (above) seems happy to me
Its hard to take a picture of just an ear ... Below is Spikes ear ... it still pretty well looks like that
He did get antibiotic's for it and we have a powder to put on it and he is very good about letting us clean it

Now this ear (below) belongs to Watermelon
He too was very good about letting me clean it and put medicine on it but its not an open gaping wound and seems to be healing ok - if it should get worse he will be going in for antibiotic's as well

Hope you all have had a wonderful week - please know we visit often we just don't post much
Now to clean some ears and get a Princess in a prisoner unit to go to the vet

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  1. You have had a lot going on. Those ears look very sore. I hope Princess will learn to love inside!