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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Princess and a Question

Princess has not been acting right for a few weeks ... She moved to the barn months ago but here in the last few weeks she has been acting strangely ... tonight she showed up on the front porch - again something she hasn't done for months, mostly because of Spike so I set the trap and caught her - she needs her rabies shot and other shots and I want to see what is causing her issues - I don't think she is hurt but I don't know, I don't think she is sick but I don't know ... however she is use to being outside and now I have her in the dog crate on the sunroom. She does not seem too upset, she is actually quite relaxed. Shes never been friendly - she will be 2 this month and has been outside for more than a year as she only spent around 6 months in the house when we first caught her ... so QUESTION: would it be bad for me to keep her in for the winter? Would it hurt her or hinder her abilities? This past week has already been really cold here, 30's most nights and highs in the low 50s.

Obviously since I have her she will get her shots - Im worried about keeping her in for several months but Im equally worried about not keeping her in ... ideas - suggestions


  1. I would keep her in. Just so you can monitor her issues.

  2. Just to say I've never had any experience with feral/semi feral or outdoor cats firstly but while she remains undistressed and relaxed then maybe keeping her in for a while, or over the bad bits of winter, will give her enough experience of life as a semi-housecat and she can make her own decision as to how she apportions her time?

  3. I would get her checked by the vet and see if they find anything. With it getting colder, she may be moving closer to the house as it is warmer. I tend to see our feral girl much more often in the winter. I would say if she isn't freaked out by being inside, let her stay inside. Or maybe let her out during the day and let her in at night if that is what she wants.

  4. A trip to the vet is obviously in order. Stray cats do become familiar with humans and surroundings. My parents brought a lovely female cow cat indoors to stay. She did well indoors but was nervous around noise, strangers and such. If this cat is healthy and not overly stressed being indoors then I think she's a good candidate for the pampered life ;)