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Monday, November 25, 2013

More ... More .. More babies

As most of you all are aware Shon is a volunteer fire fighter ... we spend quite a bit of time at the fire station .. This past Saturday some lovely person left a box outside the station .. inside that box was a mama cat and 3 babies ... they were brought into the station and set up in a small room much to the unhappiness of the Chief ... in the end he was more mad at the idiot that left them than he was about the cats in the firehouse  .. Regardless they had to be out last night ... does not leave much time 

We are in Virginia and Saturday night was 9 degrees the high Sunday was 30 ... today the high was 35 and this massive storm is heading our way ...

The babies were homed pretty quick .. they were eating on their own and were healthy - the mama cat did a great job with them, she is way skinny and super tired ... I brought her home with me as the person that wanted her couldnet get her yesterday then last night she texted me that she changed her mind all together ... SO this little mama rests on my sofa ... she is warm, she is safe, she has all the food and water and love she wants - until I can find her a home of her own.

Bean and Eye checking her out

Sleepy kitty


And Finally Shadow ... fitting right in


  1. Thank you for taking care of her. I am putting her pic out tomorrow and will link to your post

  2. What a kind person you are, and how exhausted the little mummy cat looks. My heart goes out to her and hopes she finds a forever home.

  3. That poor mama and her babies. So glad the babies found homes!