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Thursday, July 31, 2014

ButterBean Update

ButterBean went to the vet today to get his stitches out. He was Mr. Social at the vets and they all petted and loved on him. All of his stitches were removed while he purred the whole time. His places have all healed very well and she was pleased with him. She checked out the new spots I had found in the past two weeks and determined that none were of concern but to keep watch on them. As long as he is eating, drinking, pooping and playing some (he is 10) we leave him be. If a spot comes up we remove it. Shon picked him up and said he had a big play when he got home and then proceeded to smack everyone near him. The he assumed his position on the back of the sofa.

Patches and the babies are doing well. Their little teeth are starting to come in and they are moving a little more. She is VERY protective. I covered much of the windows tonight with sheets thinking that a "smaller" space would be good for her. She was moving about the room within an hour of that. I hope if she cant see the so much of the outside and the other cats out there that she will calm down some. She will let me pet the babies and I fed them some wet food the last 3 feedings.

Ill get some more pictures up this weekend


  1. I am glad Butter Bean is doing so well-that is great news. And good for you smacking everyone into place.

  2. We are very happy to see some good Butter Bean news!

  3. bean...nice two heer ewe R doin sew well, ask yur mom if ewe can eat sum trout....round heer we haza sayin: a trout a day keepz yur trubullz a way....sure we DONT get trout everee day but itz nice ta think it ♥

    happee week oh end two all N heerz ta lemon sole & lake trout ♥

  4. A good news all around post. Glad Butterbean is doing well and the kitty family too.

  5. I am so happy about ButterBean's news. Love and snuggles to him.

  6. That's great news about Butterbean, long may he thrive.
    You are doing such a great job with Patches and her babies. It's so hard for feral Mummy cats when they are taken inside, but it looks like you have a really good approach. She might just decide that the feral life is not for her.

    Big purrs for Butterbean!