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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Ive had several Mama Cats live in my house to raise their babies. There was Mama, Chickie, Mama Moo, The Mom cat 2 weeks ago now known as Reece and now Patches. Chickie was feral, never couls touch her but she wasnt vicious and she lives at my sisters now. Cant pet her but she will talk to you. Mama Moo was feral .. she always looked like she would jump out of her skin and she swatted me when I would come love on her babies., she went back to where we found her, after she was spayed of course. Patches she is feral and she is in full on mama cat mode. As soon as I open the door I can hear her growl. She gets the babies behined her and she crouches down ready to fight. This morning there was only growling, no hissing. I talked to her and left her food. As soon as I was in the hosue she was rubbing and loving on thoes babies. I have never seen a mama cat so affectionate to her babies it is really sweet. Equally, I have never seen a mama cat as agressive as she is.

I have to think this is best for her tho .. she is in a safe environment, that is temperature controlled, she is out of the elements, she has limitless food within feet of her and she has chairs and a table to get up on when she needs a break. Plus I will be able to have her spayed as soon as she has weined the babies. The babies are safe and they will be able to wonder around and play without worry of a dog or lawn mower or anything else and they wont be wild. She is eating and drinking and she is a good mama.

Bean slept with me last night. I think his stitches are starting to bother him. Its been a week .. he has a week to go ... Otherwise he is eating, drinking and pretty well back to him old self.


  1. stopped by bean ta see how ewe R doin....sendin even MOR blessings frum St Francis yur way...he haz plentee ta spare N doez knot mind passin em out... hope ya get ta feelin better; may bee ewe shuld eat sum trout !! ♥

  2. I am glad Bean is getting back to normal- I bet those stitches are itchy. Maybe a little catnip will distract him.

  3. Mommy said you are a dear compassionate mommy and Bean is fortunate too to have you. I have been purring for him and I have his badge on my page.

  4. Seems as you have given Mama Patches and her kittens the opportunity of having the best lives possible. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo