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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kitten update and TNR

The black and white kitten found a home. He has 2 dads and a kitty friend named Stevie. She is shy and 3 ... by day 3 she was cleaning him and they are already best buds. His name is Max.

The other 3 kittens went to the shelter on Sunday. The mom cat is still here. She acts as if she has lived here forever and none of the other cats have said a word to her. Havent come up with a name for her yet but we will. Shes a cute one.

Where she and the babies came from there are 3 other adults that I have seen. A light yellow male, a tortie female and an orange male. Tonight I went to get the yellow as he is mostly friendly. He came right to me and I put him in the crate where he proceeded to have a fit. I then set a trap to see IF I could luck out and get another .. and I did! The female!! YAY... they were worried she was pregnant. These two have eaten and are siting in the sunroom in their cages .. they will be fixed tomorrow and be picked up Friday morning and will go back to where I got them next week. One more to go .. :)


  1. It sounds like the black and white kitty has got a good home.
    Great result trapping two of the three ferals.