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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mad at Mom Monday

Annoyed ... mad ... growley
eehh whatever

Its about time Momy got her stuffs together and got on here to blogg for me ... geez whats a cat gotta do to get some attention????

Its still snowy and cold here ... nothing new there ...

Momy is home today she works at one of thoes places that gives her days off for no apparent good reason except to bother us ... shes been using the floor sucker and been bagging up trash and cleaning ... Im ok with all that but geeezzzz .... its MONDAY - we need a little break or something ... :)

The really great thing about her being here is pets all day ... or at least when we want them ...

Hope your Presidents day is Purrsome ..


  1. I'll bet she would rather pet you too...but the dirt has gotta go somewhere. Just give her that awesome smile and see what happens!

  2. I'm doing the same thing ..
    My Purr Gang is napping
    But that's what they do everyday ^,,^

  3. Our mom's WORKING! BUT...we're due for more of that white stuff tomight into tomorrow night and mom says that depending on what it looks like when she gets up, she may stay home. We hope she does!

  4. We love it when our momy is home but shes been super busy all day ... we like her to sit and relax and let us nap on her ... no such luck today shes in the mood to "murder some germs" is what she keeps saying ...

  5. Our mom is off too, but that's because here in Ontario, Canada, it's a provincial holiday. Extra treats for us!

  6. I hope you got a lot of pats in today, Butterbean because tomorrow it is all back to normal.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. You do look kind of grumpy. The floor sucker annoys us too. At the house is clean now and you can reala an take your nap undisturbed.

  8. We know she would rather be sitting with you in her lap than cleaning!

  9. Now waydaminut...if your mom has the day off...she should be spending it with you!

  10. Our mum works at home so we have her here everyday so she can take us for walks. We help her with the horses when we get back and then she gets the evil sucky monster out and we don't like it either.

  11. Well we're glad our mom did not have the day off cause she'd be keeping us all the whole day cleaning. We're cats, we need our naps!

  12. Ick, why do humans even bother with this cleaning thing, we like it just the way it is around here!!

  13. When our mama gets our floor sucker out she cleans and cleans our playroom. We like to jump in our cat box and kick the litter as soon as she turns the floor sucker off. It seems like this upsets her. We wonder why.

    We like litter on the floor. You has to try it sometime, okay?

    Peanut & Marshmellow

  14. We are jealous! Our Meowm had to work yesterday!