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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snows ... uuhh

Today friends we got about 3 inches of snows/ices/sleets/rains ... ICK!

This is our driveway last night ...

Deer Tracks

PawPaw getting the Strawberry ready ...

PawPaw pushing snows

It all made me SOOO tired

Meep after a run in the snows

Melon was out all day .. he is tired


  1. We hope PawPaw stayed warm on the Strawberry! You three look warm and cozy!

  2. Thanks fur sending it my way!

    I got some snow/sneet/snain in the late morning/early afternoon THEN finally tonight, it started SNOWING!

    We have a bit more than inch now - with another one or two expekhted by morning!


  3. Oh, it looks bad there! Snow is okay, but sleet and ice are so dangerous. Everyone stay safe and warm!

  4. That looks like a lot of snows! Brrrr! Stay warm, furiends!

  5. Snow is very tiring for walking and running in. Ours has all gone and we have lots of rain, so we keep napping.
    Mum likes the name for your dad's tractor. Our dad calls his tractors The Big Fellah (IH) and The Little Fellah (T20)

  6. BRRRRRRRRR, we think we'd stay in where it was warm. You are so brave to go out in it!!!!!!

  7. We think Melon had the roght idea all along!

  8. That is one mother snow pusher! It tires me out too.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. Wow!! You got lots of that stuff!!! We seem to be winding dowm from it.......but you never know what Mother Nature will do. You all keep warm!!!! And stay safe!!!

  10. Napping thru the snow is a good idea ...
    By a warm fire would be nice ..

  11. Oh wow, strawberries, we want some...but you can keep the snow!

  12. Wow, that is a lot of snow - yuck. We hope it gets warmer soon!

  13. Gee up here in snow country we haven't had much snow at all. Mum says that is OK.