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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A quick note

I dont want to think about it....

Mommy took some more pictures yesterday and says shes going to take more today - since its SNOWING ..AGAIN ... thats right we is suppose to get 1-3 inches TODAY ..... and get this .. they are saying we may get like 3 FEET this weekend .... AAAHHHHHH

Apparently someone ordered a buncha SNOW and we are getting it ALL .... its never gonna be warm and sunny here ... we are never gonna see our wonderful grass again ... AND

THAT groundhog guy SAW his shaddow ..... poohey on him ... ok Im done ranting ...

Pictures later ... today ... promise ... :)

Mama .. loves the snow


  1. Butterbean-maybe your humans will get snowed in and you can have them all to yourselves!!!!! We wouldn't mind that happening!

  2. I know...The groundhog in Ontario, Wiarton Willie, saw his shadow too. So did Shubenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia. Big surprise (sarcasm) that we'll have six more weeks of winter. LOL. I'm in Canada, of course we'll have at least six more weeks of winter!

    Anyway, stay warm and safe and I hope your weather predictions are WRONG! LOL.

    Purrs and kitty kisses from the Fuzzy Tales crew.

  3. Snow is better than the cold rain we are supposed to get this weekend :) Enjoy!! Stay warm.

  4. Butterbean, maybe you should head south for the rest of the winter??? Although we're pretty far south in the US and it's cold here too....although not as cold as you have it. Stay warm and we promise that one of these times it will warm up for you.

  5. We don't like snow ...
    Riley, Ashton, Al, Jasmine & Meredith ^,,^
    Also known as The Purr Gang

  6. Yikes!!! Feet of snow? That's crazy for VA. Hope you all find warmth and snuggles!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. We would not want any more snow, either! Stay warm!

  8. Oh no, we don't want any more either!!!

  9. Well, we love to see pictures of you!

    We're getting snow right now too! We hope we don't get 3 feet though!!

  10. Don't worry -

    You'll see your grass again -

    Probably even next month!


  11. So much snow! We've had more than usual this year, but not like you're getting. Jack is upset when he can't go out (doesn't like it touching his belly).