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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pup-Dog in need of Purrs

Hello Fur Friends ... We are getting ready for more Snows here in Virginia ...

We read about a Pup-Dog that needs some loving purrs please visit Max Dog here and read about him and send him some love. Sounds like he and his person need some support.

I know doggie bloggies can be scairty but we believe in equal paw-purtunity -

Up-dates on snows and things later...


  1. We went over and visited MaxDog and let him and his mom know we were purring for him...

  2. We have been to visit Max - we really hope he will be ok.

  3. We are purring for MaxDog, too! You stay warm and dry in all that snow!

  4. We'll be nice!

    Oh yes! The weather babblers have us ready fur 8" - 18" from Friday night into Saturday sometime!

    Thanks fur sharing Max - he's khwite the special pup - as is his furamily!


  5. Max is a special woofie and I am sure hoping he can get better.. Hugs GJ x

  6. We visited yesterday and sent prayers and Light. Our mom lost her beloved Chumley three years ago and she still misses him, so it's never easy to let beloved family members go.

  7. We have gone over and let Max know we are purring for him.

  8. Yes, we heard about sweet Max to and stopped by earlier...poor little sweet woofie, we're all purring her for Max!