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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Momy!

ButterBean here - How are all of my Friends today?

Im ok ... I think  ... a little mad a Momy but ... who could balme me

Bad things Momy has done lately

1. Put Flea Goo on all of us
2. Cut my claws - I really hate that
3. Vaccumed EVERY DAY - since its gotten warmer
4. Took my food bowls for a whole day - she washed them!
5. Washed my favorite towel

What has your Momy or Dady done bad lately???

This is me hiding so that maybe - just maybe she wont get me and cut my claws. I really dont like my claws cut, you see I have extra claws that grow from the toe pads, Momy says she has to cut them all or it will be bad for me. I just really dont like it, even though I pull at them and sometimes pull them out and make my toe really sore.


Momy won this battle ... this time


  1. Oh, we understand why you are mad at your mom! We hate it when she tries to clip our nails too. So much so that she usually can do only a couple at a time. She stepped on Nicki, too, last night, and that really upset him. Hee hee. He should know better than to sneak up behind her like that!

  2. We all got the nail trims too! She's also been brushing our teeth!

  3. We aren't fond of nail cuts either. Skeeter likes when mommy files them with her nail file.

  4. My mommy did not take me outside for a walk last night. I think that qualifies as "BAD!"

  5. At five in the morning, I broke a 'pick on your sister' fight. Al is probably mad at me for that.

  6. Sorry about all that terrible stuff your Mommy does to you, Butterbean; our Mommy is terrible too=she took us to the vet so we were mad at her for the rest of the day...Hang in there our friend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. It is very important to get those extra claws trimmed, even if you don't like it! We hate it, too, when Mom washes all the blankets!

  8. We are so bad about our nails being cut, our mama has to take us to the vet to have it done. Our mama vacuums our playroom everyday, and we get that yucky fleas stuff too. We licked it once and we frothed bubbles out of our mouth. Mama though we were having fits.
    We forgive and forget though, when mama sets the fancy feast down for us.

    From your cat friends,
    Peanut and Marshmellow

  9. Mommy used the leaf blower to remove all our furs from the catio. We hate that thing!
    xx Lounge kats

  10. Mine will brush me fur as long as I pawmit her when we go to bed -

    She nevFUR knows how long THAT will be ;-)


  11. Oh no not the flea goo, mama made me take a tablet and I was not a happy kitteh.
    Have a great weekend!
    Winston x

  12. Ewwwwww! We hate claw trims too! And Meowm needs to do the super cleaning on our litterbox....but we guess we have to wait till she is more recovered.

    Did you get treats after all she put you thru?

  13. Oh that stinks that you had to go through all that - but we bet that even though you hate the cutting part you are glad your nails are trimmed now.

    Our mom and dad weren't too bad this week - but the keep talking about new kittens, which means they will be doing something very bad soon!

  14. We don't like having our claws cut either! Mummy loves doing it and she checks them soo much.

    Keiko likes having fresh towels and won't go into her basket after a few days, she'll sit just beside and look at mummy like "new towel please"!!!