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Monday, April 12, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

In Momy's spare time she drives legs for dog runs through Virginia. On Saturday she did one such trip. Check out the cuties she transported ...

This is Timothy
He is 8 months old
A Golden/Hound Mix is what they called him

So pretty and EXTREMELY sweet
He added to the transport just a few hours before

Such pretty eyes

This next one is Charlie and here is his story he too is 8 months old and is a Rottie mix

Charlie was neutered this week. He doesn't have any problems. Just letting you know. He also is skiddish but warms up quick with some TLC. He was dumped out in a not so good neighborhood and everyone was cruel to him. It took 2 weeks for one neighbor (a very good woman) to get him to let her pet him. She had him for a month and worked with him. He is really wonderful and I hope you all enjoy him as much as we have here at the house. He loves small to medium dogs (he is a Romeo), but very leary of big loud ones.

Momy was in LOVE with Charlie before she met him but more so after she met him

He laid in the floorboard most of the way

He was scairt of eveything - specially the camera so pictures had to be taken through the window

What a handsome pup

There were 2 other doggies on the transport but another driver had them.
One needed to be crated and Momy couldnet get a big crate in her car.
But they got to where they needed to go so its OK


  1. Good for your mom; well done! We hope all the doggies will find their forever homes! (We kinda thought your mom was helping transport to a rescue or maybe from a rescue to a foster home. Not sure, though!)

  2. How nice of mommy. They are cuties.

  3. Bless your wonderful mommy!!!!!!!!
    Because of her, these woofies will find wonderful forever homes!

  4. Two were going to foster homes, 2 to a rescue. We hope they all get forever homes soon.

  5. That is so sweet of your mommy! They sure are adorable and we purray they find meowvelous furrever homes!

  6. Your mum is doing such a wonderful thing!

  7. Your mum does the work of angels. God bless her and I hope they all find forever homes.

  8. You are an absolute saint for doing this ...

  9. That's a great service your mom provides...excellent work!!

  10. Your Mom is a wonderful person to help those sweet, beautiful puppies find forever loving homes...Awesome post!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Oh that is so awesome that your mom helped those doggies! And they were so adorable - reading about Charlie being so scared made our mom very sad but she knows now he will find a good, loving home that will teach him that he doesn't need to be scared all the time.

  12. WOO HOO fur your mom!

    Those are pawesome passengers!

    Timothy reminds us of Pedro's RB brofur Ziggy Marley - Pedro and his mom are still trying to find him a new brofur - Timothy would have been perfekht fur him -

    We feel badly fur Charlie - we so hope he'll feel the love that is out there fur him - Mom has had a few of those types of passengers - she wanted them to feel safe and made sure they knew things were going to get better -

    BIG Hugz&Khysses to your special mom!


  13. Your Mom is so good to help! Poor Charlie. We feel sorry for his mistreatment but are glad he has a good home now.