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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here is South West Virginia we are having un-seasonably warm weather. We went from having snow on the ground for 3 months to 90 in a week. Yesterday evening the weather peoples were calling for some severe thunderboomers.... I dont think I like thoes. The smell of rain was heavy in the air, it was GREAT for sniffing!

When Momy got home she called for WaterMelon and ButterScotch to come in and she would not let Lucky, Meep, Mama or Moosie go outside cause she was worried they might get caught in the storms. HA HA the STORMS that NEVER happened. It rained a litte and made the birdies sing reall big and made the grasses greener and later the skys lighted up some but no BOOMS ... :)

Anyway - Mama Cat RAN out the door - Mama is 8 so the peeps thought it would be ok for a while since it wasnt storming. WELLL ..... we watchded the basketball game (we were purring for the BullDogs) and Mama didnt come back so they left her OUTSIDE - ALL NIGHT .... ha ha ha silly Mama Cat.

At 7 this morning she jumped up on the screen of the window of the bedroom and Dady had to get up and let her in the house. She seemed to be OK but was real pissy that we all wanted to SNIFF her. She sniffed out ok, ate her cereals and waters and was heading to her chair for a nap.

So thats the News for the day ... Oh and Meep ran out the house this morning so they left her out there and went to work. HA HA silly Meepy shes gonna be soooo tired this evening. I bets she will sleep REAL good tonight. Just so you know, shes been going out in the evenings and on weekends when its nice. She stayed out all day Saturday and Sunday (but came in at night) and WaterMelon and ButterScotch (BIG MAN CATS) are out there to protect her. AND she can climb trees REALLY good!

ok -- purrs ... ButterBean out ........


  1. My cats used to love to go in our yard but since the raccoons & coyotes move to our woods, I don't let my Purr Gang out anymore.

  2. My three go out into my little enclosed back space (very tiny townhouse "yard"), but that's it. Well, Nicki manages to escape the cat-proof fence every year at least once, no matter how many modifications I make. But there are unneutered males roaming, a major thoroughfare a stone's throw from our townhouse complex, raccoons and even coyotes across the road in the vacant land. So I absolutely won't let them roam--too many dangers!

    You are all lucky to live in a safe area! :-)

  3. WOW~!!! You are ALL gonna sleep so good. We had thunderboomers here this morning and aside from King,we like 'em.

  4. Momys house is real close to her parents house and the 2 homes sit on 18 acres of land. There is a BIG barn and a few other buildings for cover and safety. We dont live near any major roads and the little road we are close to is way down a big hill. The acreage is made up of two big fields, we have lots of deer that are around all the time, the raccoons and opossums come at night so they are ok. Sometimes we can hear Coyotes but they are really far away, accross the road, river, field and railroad tracks and they are in the mountains. Which is why we can hear them, they echo through the valley.

  5. Our mom and dad stayed up late watching that game too. Mom was very happy that her team won. But, she does say that the BullDogs played a really great game!!

  6. We are jealous!!! We want to go out....but we live right in the city! And we have several ferals around here....Meowm feeds them so we see them on our porch!

  7. We're lucky in that we can chose if we want to be in or out, thanks to our kitty portal

  8. It sounds like you guys are having some fun adventures outside now that the weather is getting better...We only go outside in our stroller or with Mommy right there with us, one at a time...Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat are out most every day, except bad weather or when they are sick, but they always want to get back to the safety and comfort of their garage home in the evening!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Wow! We bet mama cat will think twice before she runs out that door again so quickly!

  10. You guys be careful! BUt enjoy your outside!

  11. Wow it sounds like you have a lot of great outside room to go out and play in! We don't have anything like that here so we have to stay inside. Which is ok with us, because we like it inside most of the time!

  12. It was almost that temp here too -

    The Doggy Nanny mentioned we had some thunder this am but Mom and I didn't hear it!

    We want Spring bakhk!