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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

HELLO - HELLO ... Lucky you dont have to yell ... HELLO

ha ha HI - Lucky here
to tell you Fun Facts about Momy

1. She like Milk (alot)
2. Shes 28 people years old
3. She drives a red car
4. She like to run
5. She would rather be outside
6. Momy and Dady are getting Married in 22 days
7. Her favorite color is yellow
8. She liks crazy colored running shoes
9. She loves kitties very much
10. Her favorite things are ponitail holders and undies

Ok thats all ...


  1. Wow! Those are all very interesting things to learn about your mum.

    She must be excited about getting married!

  2. That's such kewl news about your mom!!! And a B~~I~~G ConCats on her and your dad's wedding!!! Wishing them a LIFETIME of happiness!

  3. Those are fun facts. Your mommy must be excited and a lottle crazy about now about the upcoming wedding. Have a great weekend.

  4. Concatulations to your mom on her upcoming wedding! Are you all in the wedding party? :-)

  5. Congratulations on your Mommy's upcoming wedding=that is very exciting!...Lots of fun facts about her too!...Happy weekend sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Woo Hoo!!! Tying the knot! Concatulations!

    Our Meowm drives a red car too.

  7. Those are very interesting things about your Mom!

    We are sending Best Wishes for her wedding day...how exciting!

    #10 has us a little confused...maybe our Mommy will haveta 'splain it to us later.

  8. WOW those are so cool to know! That is so cool that she is getting married in 22 days - we bet that it is crazy at your house, but hopefully crazy fun! And we bet she must be so excited - heck it makes us excited even! Thanks for sharing that stuff about your mom - very cool!

  9. Maybe woo should show us some of #10!


  10. I love ponytail holders too. The woman shoots them and I run run run after them. She just bought some plaid sneaks. Concats to your Mom. Hope your new Daddy likes cats cos I just read a diary online from a cat whose new daddy took him to the shelter. But it had a happy ending. His mommy dumped the Daddy and took him back.

  11. That is a lot of interesting things about your Mom!

  12. Congrats to your Mummy!! Do you get to be a ring bearer?