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Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Trip to the Vets

Mom took the rest of us to the vet on Thursday ... she took 4 ... but before she gets to them she wants to finish with the ones that went Saturday ... She took 7 that day ... the ones you have heard from are Brooke, Tiny, Moose and Princess ... the others to go were


I had to go back for my 4way shot and some worm pill - I was a good kitty ... really I was. I was worried at first, skeert that mama gonna give me away or leave me but she brings me back. I really LOVE her.

I really dont like going places. I dont really like being touched or looked at or messed with... BLAH I p'ed on ma ... sorries ma ... I got my shots and some pills ... I weighed 13.2 pounds :)


I like to go places ... at least until I get there. I weighed 19.6, thats down a pound woo for me :)


  1. Oh my! How many of you sweet puddins live there!

  2. You guys are very brave.. we complain whenever we have to go to the vet...

  3. Our mom takes lots of us to the vets at the same time too. Carrying all the cat weight is a work out for her! You are good kitties not to embarrass your mom with bad language and nomming on the hand of the vet.

  4. I hope you all get good reports on your wellness exams. Good for your weight loss, Bean. I lost a little, too.