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Sunday, July 8, 2012



This my friends is Dixie ... I rescued her from the dumpster at a local shop/store called Dixie Caverns. I had her spayed and tried to find her another home but she wanted to be outside so I let her stay here. We have lots of room and we dont live close to a main road.
This morning I found her out at the main road, she had been hit. Im not sure why she was out there, I had never seen her more than a few feet from the front door. She was only here for a few months but they were happy months. In fact she spent all day this past friday in the house sleeping in my bed.
Its very sad to loose one even one you had not had for long and had not intended on keeping ...


  1. Iam so sorry about Dixie. You showed her that people loved her!

  2. We are very sorry : ( It is never easy loosing one.

  3. We're so very sorry about Dixie and are sending you soft purrs for comfort. :-(

  4. I am so very, very sorry to hear about sweet Dixie.

  5. Very sorry for your loss of Dixie. It doesn't matter how long she's been there, it doesn't take long to become attached. Purrs and pawhugs.