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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friends ... A Happy Story

This is Freckles ... shes was dumped at a gas station where she lived for about a year, when a friend stoped there she greeted him asking for a treat. Please note we live in SW VA and this was happening in another state. The people that worked there and the people the visited the store had been feeding her but didnt know where she had come from, just that she had been around for a long long while. Being the nice guy that he is he went down the road bought dog foods and a dog crate, called his wife who immediately said bring her here dont leave her out there any longer. So he brought her home. Of course at that time she was matted, her furs long and icky and she was WAY over weight ... shes now beautifully groomed, is down to 33.2 pounds (vet wants her at 30) and shes living the life in the house with 2 cats.

This is Freckles and Steve ... As you can see the cat has taken her bed


  1. That is a wonderful story! WE are so glad some one took her in and is showing her the good life!

  2. It is always nice knowing that people do care. Just wish we could do something about the number of dogs and cats being put to sleep.

  3. We love stories with a happy ending!