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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aaaaawww MAMA

Certianly we are glad that Mama wants to go outside - she needs fresh air and likes to lay in the grass and play. She has not had any prednisone since the beginning of May and is doing well except for the oowies that keep happening ... first there was the nails on the boards (I still need to post pictures - sorry) And now

Sunday/Monday I noticed she still had a little piece of a stitch in her side where she had the stitches then Monday night /Tuesday she didn’t want to come out of her room and was really growliemeowie with me – Tuesday evening I made her come out and she was limping so I sent messages to the vets on FB and called yesterday morning and she went in for the day …. She had an abscess on her hip and knee – had to be clipped lanced and drained and she has a drain tube that comes out next Thursday – the femoral was so swollen he did an xray to make sure the bone wasn’t involved – bone was fine no signes of bone infection or fractures or cancer or anything … so she got an antibiotic shot and a collar that had to be taken off when she got home .. she ate good and took a big nap in her box in her room … this morning she ate pretty good and wanted out so if I had to guess I would say she is in the recliner sleeping

Hopefully there will be pictures for tomorrows post ...


  1. Poor Mama! WHat else can one little cat stand

  2. Oh poor Mama! She has been through a lot lately and we hope that by now she is all healed up and comfy again. It's great news that she's doing so well without the pred'

    Sending you rumbly purrs Mama!