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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


UPDATE: 1:45 - they just finished up with Spike
Tested NEGATIVE for all the nasties (leukemia etc) – has been neutered, gotten his shots and all that and is staying the night at the vets office mainly so I have time to get everything ready for him to hang out for a few days inside to heal J

When I called and asked Cindy if they had had time to look at the monster yet … lol she said Oh Yeah! I said oh no, no one got hurt did they – she said No but they did put on the big gloves … lol

I think he is mostly mouth – Im glad he was negative for all the bad stuff, that makes me feel better about things all way around

So this evening when I get home I will get the room ready and dry off the dog crate and get it in there with a small litterbox and newspaper and towels and dishes and all that   HAPPY DANCE!!!!! Now if only the rain would stop ... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I got him I got him I got him

Third time is a charm


Watermelon was being fussy this morning on the porch so I went out and Spike was out there – he went off the side of the porch but stood there meowing and growling at Melon so I went out (in the pouring rain at 730) got between them, Spike wont run if there is a kitty keeping him occupied, I have cat cages all around the yard for such occurrences, petted him, scuffed him and drug him to the nearest cage of course he put up a bit of a fight but not much and I said to him, I will go to the hospital and get stitches before I let you go again and shoved him into the cage that had 3 inches of water in it …. No scratches, no stitches, just a wet growley cat … hes at the vets getting the work over



  1. Good job! I hope Melon appreciates you!

  2. Yeah! Good job to both of you :)

  3. Goodness, you are brave. Glad Spike is okay after all that. You too! :)

  4. What a brave capture! Well done for getting him when the moment hit! Nice work Melon, being a decoy!