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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Watermelon Remembers

Because of the holiday I didnt get to remember before my birthday ....

When I first started coming around I wouldent let them pet me but I would let them feed me ... over time I would let momy pet my head when she put foods out - momy is sneaky she put a large cage in front of my foods - I didnt notice it ... then the door was open and I didnt notice that either then one night when she was putting my foods down she grabbed me and shoved me into the cage - Dady couldnet believe she did that and got away with it .. neither can I ... the next morning I went to the vets and got poked prodded and the snip snip ... when Momy came to get me the carried me out in their arms and were loving on me .. Momy was VERY surprised ... I stayed in the bathroom for a few nights and they petted me and loved on me and I decided this would be a good place to stay ... During the day I am a MAN CAT .. when they get home I go inside and sleep on the bed ... if its raining or snowing or windy or cold or hot or if I just dont feel like going outside I dont have to ... its Great!

After the surgery


  1. Watermelon, it is so much nicer and safer to be an inside kitty!

  2. Watermelon you are so very handsome our ape is in love with you. Sorry we missed your 8th birthday, we hope you had a wonderful day!