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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ButterBean Remembers

Thats right folks its MY turn ... ButterBean here :) - Happy Wednesday to you all - hope you have a safe and fun 4th of July

My birthday was Saturday June 29th ... I too turned 9

I was borned to a solid white kitty ... and of the babies I was the only one that lived. The people kept me, they had a daughter she was 14 and she liked me but the mans of the house he was mean - I was locked in the basement most of the time - I was sad ... then one day the lady left the mean man and took the girl too who wanted to take ME! YAY ... except they had no place for me - they didnt even have a place for them so they called my now Momy who said she would keep me for them for a while. The mean man he threatened momy and called her bad names - he wanted me so he could send parts to the lady, I havent figured out how that would have been possible and momy tells me not to think about it - so I dont - its scaridy - he was really mean.
Anyway - momy stood up to the mean man .... the lady and the girl came to visit a time or too but in the end momy told them they couldent have me ... Boo and I had bonded quickly - I had always been alone and then I had momy and I had windows and I had all the foods I could eat .. then I had Boo and we were instant buddies!
on momys 25th birthday when I was 2 I had to have a PU because I had crystals and kept blocking - she was so worried. But that has been almost 7 years ago and I am doing great!
At my heaviest i was 27 pounds ... that was when I had that surgery - now I am 21 pounds and the vets say Im healthy - I am a BIG boy - I like Boo have blue eyes - going outside is ok but I would rather lay on the sofa. I like babies ... all babies ... momy is my favorite person :) Ive been with her just over 8 years.

So Happy Birthday to me - 9 :)

After my surgery I had to wear a cone ... I was in the hospital a total of 3 weeks before during and after surgery - momy would let me have naked time in the evenings as long as I would lay on her - I had no problems iwth that


  1. Happy (little late) Birthday!!! What a start.... but a wonderful happy ending!

  2. That was quite a start. We're glad your mommy said you had to stay with her :)

    We hope you had lots of treats and luvvins on your birthday!

  3. Happy Purrfday a little late! we is glad that mean man did not get his hands on you.

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy 9th Birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday. I am glad your mommy gave you a home and kept you safe from that evil and mean man.

  6. You are so handsome! Happy belated Birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday, Bean! You landed in the right place to have a happy life!