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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Mr Spike spent yesterday at the vets ... he was sedated so that his paws could be shaved and he needed several stitches. he got the antibotic shot and the vet thought he "had been mixing it up" the wounds to his paws, shoulder and ear were from fighting. While he was there he got lots of loves, hugs, kisses. He gave head bumps, purrs and snuggles. He will be staying on the sunroom for a few days and we will see about intagration into the household. When the others are outside he likes to chase them so Im not sure how him coming in will go but we will try. He is eating, drinking, going to the box, sleeping, getting plenty of love and he is safe.


  1. We hope Spike feels better and can learn to be an indore cat!

  2. We missed the rest of the story on Mr. Spike, but we are glad he is doing okay. Good luck with integration!

  3. Crikey, not just his paws! Spike, peace and love are the way to go fella!