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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BooBoo Remembers

So Luckys birthday was the 23rd ... MINE was the 26th :) And I turned 9

I was the Second kitty momy rescued - less than a month after the first - ButterBean

I had been living with my person - was the kitten of his kitty he had when he lived at home - I was his best friend .. then his work took him out of town and his roomate was mean to me - when he figured this out he started looking for another place to live but didnt want to leave me home with the mean roomate so he started looking for a place for me to go for a while so he could find us another home ... Momy said she would take me for a while ... after 6 months she told him he couldent have me back ..

Ive been with momy for just over 8 years

Im a good boy - Im big and fluffy
I like pets and I grunt when attention is not being given to me
I like sun puddles
Dady is my favorite person
I like to go outside but I dont come back well and momy worries
Im allergic to fleas

And Im 9


  1. Happy Belated Birthdays!! We are glad your other person made an effort to keep you safe.... and you are living the good life. Though you should work on the coming back part - gotta keep the peeps from going too crazy. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! You sure did good picking outnthe purrfect forever home pal!

  3. We are glad your Mom would not give you back!