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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spikie at the Vet!

Sunday morning Spike was sleeping good in his bed on the porch - it was wet out so I let him sleep
Later when I saw him he was limping

I dont want you to take my picture

Both of his front paws are hurt and one of his back feet too

Hello there ... :)
Rub my tummy ....


He let me look at his feet .. he was walking around .. slowly and with limps but up and moving
I rubed him good and found no open wounds and he purred the whole time
I put him in the sunroom so he would be safe but not feel as confined
I called the vets office yesterday morning and one of the vets there had been in a horse accident - broke her fibia and tibia and was in surgery so they only had one vet - I did not feel like Spike needed to go to the ER Vet so we got him in this morning. I dropped him off at 8 and they will check him out today and let me know what is up with his paws - he has been eating, drinking and going to the box.

Spike would LOVE to be an indoor kitty


  1. Oh Spike, what HAVE you been up to? Hope those lovely paws are ok. It does look like you are making the decision about being an indoor kitty for your Mum!

  2. We hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your paws. If you play your cards right your mommy might let you stay indoors ;)