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Friday, September 13, 2013

Back ... purrs needed

We haven't been around for a while .. no real reason just haven't been posting - we have been visiting and keeping up with everyone.
Thought we would share and catch up and now that the days are getting shorter we should be able to post more.
Went to the beach back in August - was wonderful. Visiting the ocean and sand is fun and so is the seafood and sun but coming back home is always best!

Everyone did well while we were gone. But since then Mama has started to decline more. She has been to the vet twice in the last 2 weeks the most recent trip being this morning. I was talking to the vet last night on facebook telling her that mama was straining in the box and I thought she might be constipated - she mentioned a stool softener but that scares me as mama usually has diarrhea. I am off work today for the BBQ at our fire department so I took Mama in to get some fluids and be looked at while I ran some errands. Before Mama and I left she peed in the floor right in front of me ... it was bright orange ... I took a picture to show the vet (I will not post it here) first thoughts kidneys or liver.

So Mamas liver is beginning to shut down. Her skin is starting to turn yellow and her blood serum is yellow as well. This is all part of the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) we are into the end stages of the disease. She is still on Prednisone and will begin another new medicine today and she got an antibiotic shot.

I am well aware that we are fighting a losing battle - please don't think I am trying to cure her or anything like that, all we are doing is treating the symptoms so she is comfortable and happy. She is not in pain, she rolls and flips and shows her belly, she asks for pets and purrs and snuggles with Shon or I on the sofa or recliner. Her days are spent laying in the sunroom looking out the windows.
She is happy and she is not in any pain. The vet palpated her stomach, her liver, kidneys and felt her intestine, no lumps were felt which means no cancer tumors, which is good. However she is continuing to lose weight and beginning to be wobbly in the back end. Depending on how she responds to the medicines she could have another year ... or she could have a month. Either way she is loved and well taken care of and will continue to be until its her time.


  1. Oh dear. We are sending our very best purrs and prayers to that precious Momma.

  2. We too are keeping Momma in our prayers and send healing purrs to help ease discomfort, and yours too.

  3. We are sending purrs and prayers to you and Mama!

  4. Oh my... Sending lotsa purrs for more healing waves for your mommy.

  5. I send purrs and love. We know so well how you feel and our motto too is so long as there is no pain its all good. Hugs GJ x

  6. we are so sorry.....we are sending gentle purrs that you have as much time as possible with her.

  7. We are sad to hear Mama's liver is failing. We're sending lots of purrs and hugs your way.