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Monday, September 23, 2013

Tribute to Mama 2002-2013

Thank you to all for the purrs and visits - it is very much appreciated
Mama came to us in the late fall of 2008 and had babies in February of 2009
She was a great Mama cat which is how she got her name. We called her lil girl in the beginning because she was the only female cat we had then she turned to Mama
We found all the babies homes and kept her and the daddy cat Scotch (he died last year)

After her babies went to their new homes she was spayed - no more babies

At her heaviest she was about 8 pounds

She loved to go outside and lay in the grass

and in the sun

the vet guessed her age - she was born in 2002 which would make her 11 years old.
Mama had IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease - she has been on prednisone for the last year and 8 months. She was very much loved and will be missed. While we are sad she had to go we are happy that she had the chance to see love and be loved. Her start to life was not happy. Last year we found out she had been shot with buck shot way before we ever had her.
When we found her (in the field) she looked like a kitten and her fur would come out when she was touched she was so malnourished.
But she survived - had babies - lived a great life
Last week her liver failed and yesterday morning she died in her bed
Rest in Peace my sweet Mama cat  


  1. I am crying with you. Mama knew you loved her and that you did all you could for her.

  2. The best thing ever was that you gave her a forever family. She knew love and gave love. She will live in your heart forever. I am so sorry for the ache in your heart and the entire way of life that will be very different with Mama gone. My deepest prayers for your healing after this loss.

  3. Wonderful pictures of a wonderful cat.

  4. What a lovely tribute to Mama. She was a lucky girl to find you and she obviously had a very loved life with you. How pretty she looked out amongst the autumn leaves and sunshine on the grass. Her coat is like burning embers.

    May happy memories of Mama soon fill your heart

    Rumbly purrs & Love
    Mungo & The Ape x