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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Kitty

Driving home last night I caught a glimpse of something running frantically in a parking lot of a little store right on a main road ... Shon was driving in front of me and he saw it as well so we both made u-turns and went back. What we found was a little kitty ... very hungry ... skiddish but wanted that food.

The kitty would come close and eve took a bite or two of food off Shons fingers but would back up quick - for fear it would run out into the road I went home and got a trap. Kitty was in the trap and we were home in about 5 minutes.

The kitty is now in the dog crate in the sunroom

Its cute - Im guessing female, 4ish months, hungry not starved, has been around people in some way as it knows that's where food comes from, will sniff my fingers but not sure it wants a pet
Ive spoken to the vets office and they are going to see if they can get it in this week for the full work up - spay or neuter, shots everything
More to come