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Friday, October 11, 2013


So little Miss Shadow went to the vet this morning – the cat and I played a round or 12 of chase the kitty in the sun room this morning and I finally got her into the small prisoner unit so she could be transported securely and safely to the vet – they called me not 15 minutes after I left to see if I wanted blood work done and her wormed and told me she was a she … nothing else so far just wanted to double check what all I wanted done This morning I turned the light on in the sun room and the way the crate was sitting she was in the light on the side she had been laying on and had moved into the shadow on the other side … so that’s where the name came from so …. Yeah! If they don’t call me mid day I will call them …. Im not sure how friendly shes going to be …. There is hope …

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