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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shadow Update

Apologies for the delay in the post ... yesterday evening I picked up Shadow at about 530 ... she had been spayed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, shots and checked over. They think she is 6 to 7 months old weighed 5.90 pounds and seems to be healthy. She is very shy. When we got home I moved her into the large dog crate and gave her food and left her to be quiet. She ate. And rested.

This morning same thing - food, water she looked at me like I might eat her. We worked the Virginia Tech game. I run a concession stand there that benefits the Humane Society of Montgomery Count. We were there all day. So she had a nice quiet day of resting.

This evening more food and water ... and Im pretty much worn out so Ill attempt petting her before I go to bed but really I think giving her time to rest and become ok with her surroundings and sounds etc is good. Tomorrow we will change out the towels and clean the crate some and see how she feels about being touched.