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Sunday, March 30, 2014


All is well ... Oscar went out Friday evening about 5 and was back around 10. He spent most of Saturday outside and currently this morning is stretched out on the kitchen table watching the girls run and play. Smokey is curled up on the sofa napping, I had to give him an allergy pill last night, his poor little eyes just run and goo. Bean is on a top pillow on the sofa sleeping. Scooter and Boo are each in a basket napping. Lucky is in the recliner. Stripey is in a cat bed in the bay window, Shadow is snuggled beside me and Brooke and Piper are running and playing up and down the hall.
If I had to guess I would say Moose is under the covers with Shon in bed, Tiny is in the back bedroom in his cat bed in the window and Eye is on the bed. While Princess and Spike are out in the sunroom where it is currently not sunny but very windy and snowing of all things.
Hope you all have a great Sunday - our plans are simple - out for lunch later and go by the store and then home for an afternoon nap.

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