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Thursday, March 13, 2014

This Morning

This morning at about 530 WaterMelon the guard cat yowled the warning signal of an introoder ... Shon who had fallen asleep in the recliner while playing video games got up and saw our Visitor friend on the porch. He promptly went out and brought the kitty in and put him in the bathroom where he proceeding to have an all out FIT ... I got up and have been sitting in the bathroom with him. In the almost 2 hours I have cut about all the matts out, removed 4 ticks that had been there a while, brushed him, petted him and generally helped him be calm.
He has obviously been in a house before as he is just laying here in the floor resting. He was a good patient and let me pretty much do whatever I wanted to him. He has not purred for me yet and he wont lay in my lap but is very happy to lay up against my leg to have me touch him in some way.
His vet appointment isn't until Tuesday so he will be going back outside today. But I feel like he will return closer to his appointment time and at that point I will keep him in.

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