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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easy Sunday ... or .. no

Oscar was good in the crate .. .he is out in the sunroom now and he is a crybaby ... but smart O My Goodness ... he has figured out he can stick his paw under the door and pull and it will open - he hasn't figured out how to move fast enough to get into the house yet .. however he is Super friendly and very sweet so if he did get in .. well not a big deal I am just trying to keep him from the others until he can get to the vet and get shots etc. He has not bothered Princess however she is bothered by him being out there ...

so the plan ... get him neutered ... shots ... and whatever else he needs ... keep him in for the rest of the week, weather here is suppose to be nasty so he will be warm and safe, feed him well and after his so many days in prison he can go back out .. I wont make him stay in any longer than needed, I would love for him to stay around because he is just beautiful and so very sweet but I wont make him

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday ... its cloudy and raining here in SWVA and cold . quite a change from yesterdays 65 and sunny

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