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Monday, March 10, 2014

Been A While

I like the saying that no news is good news ... nothing major to report ... we have had really cold days and snow .. really cold cold days and snow .. the last few days have been nice. Everyone is doing well. Mr. Eye had to go to the vet 2 weeks ago and have 12 teeth pulled, he like Boo has stomatitis (I think Im spelling that correctly) He seems better now. We are having nice days and with the time change its daylight until after 7 now. Makes it nice to pick up sticks and everyone knows I love to do that.
We got a new sofa and chair .. downsized as no people really come to our house so why all the big bulky stuff. Shon had a recliner and now I have a chair with an ottoman and we got a smaller sofa - where we did have the recliner, love seat the size of a sofa and a huge sofa. The cats seem to like the new stuff and I got some waterproof covers. It seems when Smokey has an episode he pees a little and Bean and Moose seem to both have a little leak when they nap.

We have seen several un-known kitties around.  The first we lovingly called Mr. Grey, he is the same steal grey color as Smokey but cant get close to him and I cant get a good indication of his rounds. I haven't seen him at my house but 3 times in 2 months, mom sees him at her house some, my sister sees him at hers some but we have no pattern. Another kitty has been to my house 3 times, he is grey and white and looks well cared for. I have not seen him for 2 weeks now. A very pretty Gold and Black Torite with long hair has been at my sisters for the last week. She eats but wont let them get close. I have seen her once at my sisters house. The past 2 nights a Silver and Black kitty has come to visit me .. he is beautiful, very friendly and talkative. He is a BIG boy, but I would guess less than a year old. I am hoping he comes back tonight and I can get a picture of him. He has long hair that is very matted and has burrs in it, I know he is male but not sure if he has been neutered. However he is friendly.

I have been checking in on you all over the days I have not been posting, I just simply have not taken the time to post anything. Just need to get back at it as I do enjoy it so.

Pictures soon - hopefully of my visitor

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