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Friday, June 11, 2010

So Excited about the Weekend

Moose and Scooter here - PLAYING!
We are sooo excited about the weekend


I Love to Play


I love to Play too

WE are going to PLAY all weekend !!!

Get out your TOYS and play too :)

Update on kittens, chickie and Lil Tot: Lil Tot is now in general kitten population. While he is bigger than the others he needs the socialization and Chickie really does not seem to mind him being around. As of this morning she was not treating him as one of hers but she is not mean to him. I figure by the end of the weekend he will be snuggling up with everyone. He is eating well and seems to be ok. He is playing some with the others.
Chickie is continuing to let me pet her and watching while I play with the babies. The babies are not eating wet or dry foods yet but they are drinking water and PLAYING. The will be 6 weeks old tomorrow but I think they are only the size of 4 week olds.
I still needs homes for the kittens - if you or someon you know would be interested let me know.


  1. Playing is the PURRfect way to spend the weekend! Glad to hear Chickie is continuing to let you pet her. We wanna see the babies!!!

  2. OH yeah...Chickie and you all too...

  3. WE will play this weekend, too! We are glad the babies are doing so well!

  4. We think playing sounds like a great idea for the weekend! We may just have to get some in!

    And that is great that things are going ok with the kittens. We are sure they will start to get bigger soon - it just will take some time since they were outside during their start in life. We know they will get there!

  5. We have PLAYING on the agenda, too!

    Those kits will start growing like weeds, soon. Glad to hear Lil Tot is joining the gang without too much fuss.

  6. Playing with each other and your fun toys sounds a great plan for the weekend!...Glad to hear the new kitten is being socialized with the group and Chickie is taking it well...Happy Friday sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Oh how I wish I had a khytten/khat to play with this weekend ;-)


  8. Your playing looks like so much fun! We'll keep our paws crossed that those kittens are placed in homes soon.