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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whats in a Name ??

Several asked yesterday about my name

My name is WaterMelon
I do not eat watermelons and Im not pink
I am a great big man cat!

During the day I go outside
At night I sleep in the bed with my people

So ... How did I get my name ... welll

The story goes that my Dady played lots of computer games and in one of the games there was a character called WaterMelon - his special trick in the game was that he could make mushrooms and when other player ran through the mushrooms it would slow them down.

When I showed up at my now home lots of mushrooms showed up as well. I dont think I did anything to make the mushrooms but Momy and Dady made the connection and laughed about the mushrooms and me the fluffy grey kitty and so they started calling me WaterMelon.

I go by and will come to:
Melon Ball Fluffy Pants

I like to roll on the gravels outside and I like to sleep in my chair or on the bed in the house.
As a general rule only my Momy and sometimes my Dady can pet me when I am outside. If its not one of them I will run. When I am in the house I am a love to anyone.

This is me on my favorite blankie on my favorite chair

So there you have it - Probably not the strangest kitty name ever but definately different.


  1. Melon Ball Fluffy Pants suits you purrfectly, actually. :-)

    You certainly are a gorgeous mancat!!

  2. Sorry Watermelon! You are one handsome mancat. I am so glad you cleared that up for me.

  3. We think WaterMelon is a great name! It is very unusual and also a very cute name, especially for a big mancat like you!

  4. Watermelon, it's so neat to learn the origin of your pawsome name. We love the nickname Melon Ball Fluffy Pants.
    My momma sometimes calls me Maggie May Squirt Pants and Saylor is just Saylor Pants or Fancy Pants.

  5. Watermelon, we enjoyed your name story! You are one handsome Mancat!

  6. You are a gorgeous boy=love the last photo of you curled up asleep=too cute!...We love different and we enjoyed learning about your name sweetie!...kisses handsome friend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. I certainly like the name Melon Ball Fluffy Pants. It's very grand!

  8. We love your name!!! We also think it is good that you run away from other people while you are outside...it helps keep the crazies from getting you!

  9. We love your Nicknames! WaterMelon, we thoought your name might be due to your size...you are one big ManCat. It was fun to learn the true meaning of your Name.

  10. That is a cool story behind your name, WaterMelon! It's a very cute name. purrr

  11. Thanks for letting us know about your name! We think WaterMelon is a fun name!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. Nice to learn your story, Mr Melon Ball Fluffy Pants