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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Good Morning Friends!

I was doing SO good this morning - got all the babies fed, litter boxs cleaned, showered, got ready for work, downloaded pictures of the kittens and copied them to my travel drive so that I could share them with you today. Was Soo excited driving to work - got here went to look at the pictures and ...no pictures. They didnt copy. So sad ... Now ... you all must wait until tomorrow for pictures of the kittens.

Chickie will still let me pet her when I feed her but thats about it. The black kitten is eating wet cat food like a champ! So far she is the only one I have seen eat. Lil tot is adorable. He just purrs when you get close. He plays BIG. And he is playing with the other kittens.

I am concerned about the smallest of the kittens. He does not seem to be growing. He really does not play. He like to climb up on you and sit there. Im really not sure about that one.


  1. We will be back tomorrow to see pictures! Good luck with the little one!

  2. We will come back tomorrow and hope the little one gets moving on growing!

  3. Maybe you should take that kitten into the vet to see what they think...

  4. I have called the Vet about the little one. They ask the usual questions: Are the eyes watering or gooey/yellow or a discharge? NO Does it have diarreah or vommiting? NO
    Is it eating/nursing? YES
    Is it moving around? YES
    Does it cry for no reason? NO
    Is its nose runny or is it wheezing/sneezing? NO
    Is it scooting on its rear? NO

    Sounds like its the runt and it will grow sometimes it takes them longer - if it developes any of the above symptoms bring it in or if you want to bring it anyway you can.

    I am on a first name basis with my vet - we have a great relationship. The vet also seems to think the babies were premies in that she had 7 and shes so young. That could be one reason why they are 6 weeks old but look/act 4 weeks old.

  5. We will be purring for all of them to be okay and for all of them to find great homes!

  6. Purrs for the littlest kitten. Johnny was a runt and now he's 18 pounds--you never can tell.
    We'll be back to see pictures tomorrow!

  7. Thanks fur the khatpuppy updates!


  8. Looking forward to new photos of the kittens; purring loudly for the smallest little guy to be alright...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Can't wait to see the pictures! I hop the little guy will be alright.