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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A message from Scotchy

Hi ButterScotch here ... hangin' out in my chair on the porch
Last week I had the itchies .... I was digging at my ears until they blead
then I started doing the same thing around my neck

SO ..
Momy took me to the V-E-T
I got a cortizone SHOT - owieee
After we got home ... I got antibotics and all I could do was sleep ...

oh and at the vet I was kinda bad ... I bit Momy

sorries Momy

so I napped and now I am feeling better

And Momy loves me :)


  1. Aw Scotchy we are so sorry you had such itchy ears you had to get a shot! We are glad you are feeling better now. And we understand about the biting - sometimes the vet trip can be stressful and well, you just don't have a choice but to do something. But we are glad that he helped you feel better!

  2. We are glad you are feeling better and not itchy! Mom still loves you so don't worry about the bite.

  3. That's one impressive bite mark you gave your Mom. If you're on FB, you may consider joining my group IBite.net, a network of biting cats.

  4. I hope your shot helps you. I have corti spray that I use when someone has the itch.

  5. ButterScotch, we guess you bit your mom 'cause you were scared; of course she still loves you. We're glad you're doing better and hope your mom is too!

  6. Sometimes we bite those we love...we just can't help it. We hope you are all better now!

  7. Sorry to hear you had the itchies and that you had to get shot. That's NO fun! Glad you're feeling better and we know you didn't mean to put the bitey on your mom. She knows that too!

  8. We understand! The itchies and the vet can make you quite upset. But, those cortisone shots are great, aren't they? Hope you are feeling all better now!

  9. We hope BOTH of woo are healing!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  10. We know you didn't mean to bite your mum. Her hand just got in the way of your teeth.

  11. I had that happen to me a three years ago...I was all itchy too. AND the vet said I was chubby!
    I was too scared to bite but I will admit to clawing a tiny bit...

  12. Poor Scotchy! Itchy ear is SO very annoying! We hope you're feeling better now. And we hope your Mum's hand is healing up well!