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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Baby ... what?!?!

Settle in for a fun story ... with what we hope will be a happy ending or beginning depending on how you look at it.

Sunday a week ago ... Chickie and the babies had been at the house 7 days .... My sister C calls. Her outside cat is Phantom ... I need to take pictures of him, he is the daddy cat to Chickies babies ...

Ring, Ring

Me: Hello ....
C: Phantom has found another baby
Me: Oh No ... there were 8 .. oohh how sad
C: You should come down here and see it, its really cute
Me: Ok .. what? Its alive
C: Yeah it alive
Me: There is NO WAY that its alive, Ive had Chickie for 7 days ... it wouldnet be able to survive.
C: well ... we have it in a cage ... and its hissing at us
Me: Oh my ... Im on my way ...

So to my sisters I went, kitten milk and bottle in hand thinking a starving 4 week old was hissing at her...

He was cute and is a HE ... dark grey with black stripes - he hissed a little but was ok once picked up. We fed him wet cat food as there is no way that he was one of Chickie's babies - he is at least 9-10 weeks old.

C and her hubby R played with him and cuddled him and loved on him but he wanted to be with Phantom. Phantom licked him and washed him and played with him and they snuggled and then the lil tot dissapeared ... for a week he showed up with the coaxing of Phantom to eat. At night R would play with lil tot, and finally yesterday he was captured again.

He is very sweet. Currently he is in a large dog crate in my kitchen, under the table. He was very good for his photo shoot last evening. During the night he used his box and he cried for about an hour until I went and got him and laid on the sofa with him until he went back to sleep. He ate his food, dry and wet and seemes to be ok. He hisses a little when you go toward him but once you touch him, he is fine.

This lil tot is in need of a home -


  1. Oh what a cutie he is! But that is funny that he just showed up there by himself - I wonder if any more will show up!

  2. What a lucky little cat. I hope Lil Tot finds a home soon.

  3. He is a cutie! I wonder where his mom cat is?

  4. Oh, we hope he finds a forever home soon! Is there a bit of a problem with his right eye? Maybe he had a cold? It just looks like it's oozing a bit in the pics, but maybe that's just the way his head is tilted. :-))

  5. What a little sweetie! Thank goodness Phantom was taking care of him! We will keep purring for homes for all of the babies!!!

  6. His eye was a little goopy. I had just washed it before pictures were taken. It looks much better this morning. We asked around about other mama cats or babies and have located none. This was the only baby found. I think Im going to try letting him meet the other 4 kittens and Chickie, he is a bit bigger but I think he would like the company. I hope Chickie wont be too upset by the addition.

  7. Khats and khyttens surely know how to do 'smug' furry well!


  8. What a cutie! We will be purring and praying that he finds his furever home.

  9. What a little tiger tot! Phantom was a good ManCat to guide the waif into safety. Let him sleep with some of Chickie's and the kittens bedding, that way he'll get their smell on him and she may accept him easier.

  10. He is sweet. We hope he soon gets a forever home.

  11. He is very cute. I love his stripes.

  12. He is a gorgeous baby and so lucky your sister found him...Good luck with all the sweet kitties, you are so kind to take such good care of them...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki